• Name: Joshua Olin
    Age: 27
    Country: USA
    Server Bans: 0

    I work at Walmart from 11am-8pm CST. On my free time I play Minecraft and binge watch on television series. When I first got into minecraft, it was roughly 6 years ago on the 360. I was addicted within 30 minutes of playing it. And ever more so when I started playing with redstone. Eventually I got into FTB ultimate but I played on a server with a shop so I didn't learn much. Then I took about a year break from modded minecraft. Two weeks ago, I started playing revelation in single player and I got until little after I made a smeltery. Then my client started crashing. Now I've been playing on a server to test out if it works and it does. But the server I've been playing on resets all dimensions every couple weeks and leaves you with an island for a base. I hope this server doesn't frequently reset and I hope to be apart of the community.

  • Staff

    Hey, thank you for your interest!
    We only reset when the community demands it and only farming dims, like the Deep Dark and Mining Dimension, but you get plenty of time in advance and if you happen to live there we can spare your base.
    Either way, hope you have fun here added you to our whitelist 😉

  • thanks for the whitelist and info 😄

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