• Age: 15
    Country: Canada
    How I Found Your Server: I just opened the pack and clicked public servers and your server caught my eye if i play any other ftb packs ill be sure your server will be first i pick.
    History: I was never kicked, Banned on any server even in vanilla! i am not lying about my age i don't know how to prove it but i can tell you birth date if needed
    i got into minecraft: i got into minecraft because of youtube i seen videos of people playing and looked fun i started playing i think half way through 2012 only got it on about 3 years ago other then that it was console or mobile
    My Favorite Mod: My favorite mods are tech mods(ender io mechanism themal expansion,dynamics...) and a bit of magic(thaumcraft blood magic botainia) i am really good with those mods
    in real life i actually like doing a lot i like doing a lot of labor work such as carpentry (matter in fact i was doing carpentry the day i wrote this) and also a bit of electrical. Even in minecraft i am a hard worker i can sit down and mine or build for hours without getting side tracked or distracted and i play guitar and do a lot of skateboarding and i like building pc's i am building one in a few months!
    hopefully you accept me in to your server id play on it a lot and i could help out any other players if they needed any!!

  • Staff

    Hey, thank you for your interest!
    Hope you have a good time here, I've added you to our whitelist. Welcome to Stonebound 😉

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