• Age: 18
    Country: The Netherlands
    Hi! Recently i've been getting back into playing minecraft somewhat frequently, and today I decided to play All The Mods 3, and to make playing a modpack even more fun, I searched for a server to play on, and that is how I came across Stonebound!
    I've never been banned from a server ( ), and I intent to keep it that way.
    I started playing Minecraft early on in it's development process, alpha 1.0.4 to be exact. Vanilla Minecraft was fun for a while, but as soon as Tekkit released, I switched to modded and I've been playing that ever since.
    Playing modded minecraft used to be one of the things I enjoyed doing the most in my spare time, playing both tech and magic related mods (except for Botania, for some reason I never liked using flowers as a source of magic), and now I'm trying to get back into it. Sadly I don't have as much time as I used to have, since work takes up a large portion of my day.
    Hopefully this small introduction will be enough, and if not, please let me know what else you would like to know about me!

  • Staff

    Hey, thank you for your interest!
    Added you to our whitelist, welcome to Stonebound and have fun playing.

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