JaceStratton & aero778

  • IGN: JaceStratton
    Age: 18
    Info: I have loved playing FTB since the moment I installed it and hopped on a server. My favorite thing about the game was the mass amounts of building materials it contained compared to regular Minecraft, and I spent hours building tree houses, towers, and giant underground facilities. Basically, building is my favorite thing to do; I am very dedicated to my projects.
    I have been trying to find a server to build on since my first days playing the game, but so far, all of the servers I join end up having mass amounts of lag, resetting, and shutting down forever. When I saw your server on the FTB forums, it seemed different; it looks awesome and dedicated (not just because of OVH =P) and so I would love to have the chance to come check it out and really get established in the community. Also I'm looking forward to setting up some apiaries (mostly to irritate aero).

    IGN: aero778
    Age: 17
    Info: Like Jace said weve been trying to find a really good whitelisted server to play on. I mostly wanna get some serious stuff done in ME. Fun fact about me is that I hate bees with a passion and will probably work harder on the server just to keep them away from my base. I am also really dedicated but I focus on getting stuff and mod progression than building. Server looks good and reviews all said friendly so I am excited. Hope it is okay that my friend posted my app for me with his because I am offline/was at the time.

  • Retired

    Thank you for your interest in our server.
    Upon further review, it seems that there is some difference in information between what you have told us and what we have found.
    While we are happy to consider users that may not meet our age requirement, we do not approve of nor condone lying.

    If you can give us a reasonable explanation for the age difference we have found, we would be happy to welcome you onto the server.

  • I recently turned 18, and that may be the reason the information between my last post and the other source(s) is different. I also tend to put random dates into registrations (bad habit, I know). However, I promise that I am the age I posted in the forums. It would be easier to clear things up if you told me where the source of information came from. I apologize for the confusion.

  • Staff

    Unfortunately we will have to decline your application, as the age difference we are referencing was an older age in a written application for another server.
    We do not supply users with the links to misinformation, and if you are interested in learning more you are welcome to look yourself up.

    If your friend is still interested in joining our server, they are welcome to explain the age differences we have found and we will be happy to consider them.

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