• Age: 29
    Country: United Kingdom
    History of bans/lying about age: Nothing at all! Though I imagine I'll want to pretend I'm still in my 20's next year.

    More information

    Me and my other half have been really enjoying playing ATM3 on our own private server recently, and have been talking about how much fun it would be to join a multiplayer server. We're looking for a friendly atmosphere that we can contribute to and be part of, as well as build some really cool stuff.

    Personally I've been playing modded minecraft since the 2011-12 Tekkit era, moving onto larger packs such as FTB Ultimate, then to Resonant Rise 2/3 in 2014-15. I was the wiki admin for RR3 for some time, and occasionally I contribute to the Sphax PureBDCraft texture pack for mods.

    These days I work as a web developer in the city, and sadly don't get as much free time to dedicate to Minecraft (or gaming in general). Recently however it's been a source of a lot of fun for me in the evenings and at the weekends. I've even managed to rope the GF into it too, which I'm particularly happy about. 😄

    I personally love taking my time building cool-looking structures that fit the theme of what machines/setups they house. For example - a country pub for brewing and selling Growthcraft wine, a magical stone turreted tower for Thaumcraft, or an imposing, brutalist marble building for a technological headquarters.

    I've always loved the idea of being able to visit other people's bases (and have others visit ours!), so I hope we'll be able to contribute to that kind of positive atmosphere.

    We're both applying at the same time - she'll be under her MC username Ph03nixxxx. We're simply looking for a place to call home online for a while, and hopefully get to know some friendly names - while building some modded awesomeness.

    Thank you for your consideration!

  • Staff

    Hey, thanks a lot for your interest and lovely application.
    We try to keep that community feel and I too enjoy just looking at what other people build, you will see when you log on. Spawn is not protected and always build by everyone together, its a bit messy but works 😛
    Cool that you got her into modded, hope you to have a good time here. Looking forward to some nice looking builds from you.
    Either way, whitelisted. I'll see you on the server and welcome to Stonebound!

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