• Hey, My name is Jeremy i'm 21 i live in the USA looking to chill on a server play some chill minecraft make some friends and most importantly crack a few beers when doing so. I go to school for Computer Science at a college in New York. I learning code like java,HTML,c++ to become a game engineer. My favorite company and company i would like to work for would be Bethesda . I will be dorming so my play time mobility will be good and sometimes bad. But enough about me, seriously looking to take this serious and play one of my favorite games since i was little. I'm a nice guy and also like to have a good time with some jokes and banter. Been playing minecraft since it came out, its one of my main game(s) but its still nice to open it up and chill and pass some time away from finals/tests/essays. Some games i play would be csgo, arma 3, BF1,pubg. Have played on one other white listed server called "The Node". Played on there for about 7 month. I've never played this mod before i usually play Direwolf but heard this mod pack is just a good.

    username: jeremy123

  • Staff

    Hey again!
    Added you to the whitelist, welcome to the server 🙂 See you on Discord again soon.

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