• Hello my name is Spooky, i am 17 currently and my birthday is on the 16th. I currently live in the United States. I do not have any past bans or a history of lying about my age. I got into minecraft a little before Ftb Ultimate was released and have been playing off and on since then. My favorite mods are Thaumcraft, Botania, and Ender IO. If I find inspiration in something like the way the landscape is shaped or certain location I enjoy making creative builds to compliment the shape of the land/ biome. I am pretty introverted on the internet and in real life so you will not have to worry about me being annoying and flooding the chat with nonsense, because i probably wont talk unless talked to in the first place. Also I plan to learn forestry and maybe some more agricultural mods since Thaumcraft is not in this pack sadly. If there is anything else you guys would like to know about me feel free to ask 🙂

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