• Age: 16
    IGN: ninjahjp06
    Country: USA
    No history of bans

    Hello, I've recently got back into Minecraft after not playing for over year after being recommended this pack by my friend kip11111 (it just got kinda boring after every modpack was the same skyblock Ex Nihilo crap). I looked into the pack and it seems pretty interesting. I started playing minecraft about 5 years ago starting with vanilla and then quickly getting into modded with FTB Ultimate. My favorite mod is a hard one, I'd probably say IC2 just because it was so fun to work with back in the FTB Ultimate days figuring out how to automate, even though there are mods like Thermal Expansion that might be a little better now. Me and my friend spent BeastJrThunder put many hours into a server in Ultimate and it was my first experience with a modded server. Ever since then I have loved playing Minecraft until last year when it got pretty repetitive. I took a break for a while so that maybe when I decided to play again there would be many new things I've never experienced. Looking at the FTB Revelations pack, I saw a lot of mods I'd never heard of before and made me excited to finally experience something new. Also, having a lot of experience with servers I know how bad public ones can be with griefing and bad moderation, so I'd rather be a part of a whitelisted one. You guys seem to take these applications seriously which assures me the community is good.

    Some other games I'm into are The Binding of Isaac, Terraria, Speedrunners, Borderlands and recently Dark Souls. I've played a lot of Dark Souls lately and kind of exhausted my interest for it buy putting in 60 hours in a little over a week, though I'm sure I'll come back to it because there so much to do and I have yet to play the other 2 games. Some of my hobbies outside of gaming include soccer, drumming, and snowboarding.

    I'd really like to be accepted into a community like this to help me get the best experience returning to Minecraft.

  • Staff

    Heyo, thank you for your interest!
    Well hope you enjoy trying out all the new stuff on our server, I've added you to our whitelist. Welcome to Stonebound and looking forward to seeing you on the server ;)

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