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    Age: 21

    Country: USA

    History of bans/lying about age: N/A

    Personal Information-

    I began to play Minecraft around version 1.2. My favorite mod(s) are: Thaumcraft, Botania, Ender IO, Blood Magic, Tinkers'. As for IRL, I groom dogs for a living, and play video games in my freetime. Since I've started playing Minecraft (and other modpacks) I've been an administrator on about 3 different servers. I do love to play casually, but other times I love to challenge myself.

    I'm very much looking forward to being active on your Discord as well as your server!

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    Please allow me to add more information about myself, I feel as if my application wasn't enough!

    I've been playing Minecraft for about 7-8 years now. I was introduced to it by an old friend of mine, and got tied into it instantly. I was mostly inspired by the Yogscast series "Shadow of Israphel". (Just thinking back to it, I feel older and older...). I started on PVP servers, and began to make many friends. Minecraft is the reason I have my best friend IRL, we connected through Roleplay servers.

    I've kind of been introduced to many mods/modpacks through the years. Ranged from Tekkit packs, to self-made packs through FTB. Not that I have ANY interest to anymore, I felt that noting my staffing positions would prove my maturity. I've handled Hubs for packs, and some vanilla servers. I mainly enjoy to build things, but I'm hoping to have a safe public place to expand my knowledge with mods.

    After meeting my boyfriend and my IRL best friend, I'm hoping to use this server as a mature, good start for our chance to begin this Modpack.

    Thank you!

    If you have any questions, please allow me to fix/answer anything you might want me to add!

    ~ Madi

  • Staff

    Heyo, thank you for your interest and adding more about yourself!
    Can totally understand why you don't do staff stuff anymore, it can really ruin your actual playing experience. Hope you have a good time here playing around with mods, together with your friends.
    Added you to the whitelist and welcome to Stonebound ;)

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