• Hello boys my name is Alberto, 24, from the beautiful country of Italy, never been banned, and never lied about my age (never needed to :p)

    I've been playing minecraft on and off for almost a decade, when a new update made things more exciting i usually jump back in. Very interested in advanced rocketry space stations and planets so i've been looking for a good place to build a project long term, not the ruins of a server but something a bit more clean, familiar, and without atrocious latency (doesn't help that i'm interested in playing ATM3).

    I have few hobbies, just computer games, building computers, and riding my motorcycle when it's not freezing outside.

    That's all that comes to mind. I look forward to play in a server with a curated community, instead of the madness that goes on public servers, i find that games like this one become immensely more enjoyable if you like the people in the community.

    If you need anything else, ask away.
    Regards, Feral921

  • Staff

    Heyo, sorry for the extended wait..
    Hope you have fun on our ATM3 server and let me know if you run into any issues.
    Added you to our whitelist ;)

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