• Hello,

    Name: Paso
    Age: 23
    Country: Netherlands
    Banned: Never
    Other games and ranks: CSGO global, Rocket leauge Diamond 2, League of legends Been master couple of seasons ago but now diamon on muiltiple servers, Overwatch and Fortnite

    Well let's start off by saying sorry for the horrible english you might encounter so i hope you can skip past that.

    I've honestly started to play minecraft due to the fact that it's relaxing and it's something nice to kill the time with after work. My job exists of design and photoshop so i like to keep my creativity close and that might be the reason why i picked up minecraft as my main go to game. The reason I'm applying to be whitelisted on this server is because I'm looking for a server that I will have a decent ping on and that doesn't have that many players on it that I will encounter massive block lag. I'll be honest I've tried some servers however all of them have the disgusting little tweaks that make the server not so fun. Other than that this will be my first modded experience and I really wanted to try modded minecraft however single player is just not my thing. The only modded minecraft I did try was pretty much sky factory 2 and I had a blast learning some of the mods but the fact that it's just solo grinding is boring. I've played on multiple vanilla servers and I always had a blast playing minecraft since it's something that relaxes me next to my work life. I really look forward to join a nice community and have fun while playing on the server.

    I hope I've informed you enough, if you need further information don't hesitate to let me know!

    Kind regards,

  • Staff

    Heyo, thank you for your interest!
    Enjoy playing with mods on our server, I added you to our whitelist. Welcome to Stonebound and I'll see you on the server soon 😉

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