• Name: Ryan
    Age: 20
    Country: UK
    Minecraft Username: RyyJustin
    Prior Bans/Lies: None
    Favorite Mods: Blood Magic, Draconic Evolution and twilight forrest

    i used to play ATM1 on the official whitelist server for about 1+ year until it was shut down so i know how to be civil with other players, I'm a slow and fast player depending on which play style i decide to play on either world reset or first joining.

    the main reason I'm looking to join this server is because I'm looking to join a good community as i find playing in single player boring.

    outside of minecraft i tend to spend most my time playing RS:Siege and other fps games.

  • Staff

    Hey there, thank you for your interest.
    A year is quite a long time, doubt our ATM3 server will stay up that long. Hope you have fun anyway for as long as it lasts, I've added you to the whitelist. Welcome to Stonebound!

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