• IGN: Gan_fall
    Current Country: UK
    Age: 20
    Info: Started playing minecraft in early alpha after watching davidr64yt I then moved to modding my own game and modpacks when tekkit came out I have been playing modded on and off ever since. I took my last break after I finished beyond and now I want to start playing again. I like expert packs and enjoy teaming up with other people to make the experience more fun. My favourite mods are rftools and ae2 and i'd like to learn xnet since last time i played it wasn't out yet.
    Also I am pretty sure i had an account on this website a year or two ago am I imagining things or did you guys reset/delete old accounts?

  • Staff

    We do not, did you have a different Minecraft account in the past? Either way, added you to the whitelist!
    Welcome to Stonebound and happy new year 🙂

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