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    Username - Unstable_Scarlet UUID- 0286e7fd-8d2d-417a-a339-834d6c7f7fed
    I am a person that tends to be very random, prioritizing showing off more than anything else with an uncanny sense of honesty and laziness. I have no hobbies outside of gaming and am accompanied with unpredictable mood swings which will make me appear as a work horse or straight up dead. I am a bit of a dick but I try not to piss too many people off and much prefer attempting to make people laugh their ass off rather than blow their ass off. Overall any game with me tends to be much more unpredictable than a standard one, and it's almost guaranteed to see things you've never seen before, if said thing is ever finished.

    Current Country - USA

    Originally I got into minecraft from Etho's Lab minecraft series after a week of binging the first 20 or so videos he's done on the game back in around 2010 or so. From there I got interested in the yogscast and played with original tekkit/technic for a bit before moving onto yogbox/hexxit/hack-mine and then finally back into tekkit 3. I then moved onto RR2 and that was the last pack I really got "In to" per say.

    Favorite Mod - Comforts mod or EE2

    Way I found the Server - FTB Whitelisted server list, I get lonely easily so I was looking for a place to chill and possibly build with people after not being involved in really any small communities for over a year that caught my interest for an extended period of time.

    I'm a very privacy orientated person and you'll see varying ages around the internet on my accounts, I will say I am 16+ however

    (Sorry if this posts twice)

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    Heyo, thank you for your interest!
    I just added you to our whitelist, welcome to Stonebound and I'll see you on the server soon.
    Happy new year :fireworks:

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