• Hello and greetings to all, I am BrokenNail.
    I am 34 yrs old and from Australia (WA to be specific). I have never been banned, muted or blacklisted from any server in my Minecraft history.

    I was first introduced to Minecraft by my brother in-law, about 6 years ago I believe, and fell in love with it! My favourite mods would have to be Botania, Extra Bees and Galacticraft. I have dabbled in other magic mods like Thaumcraft and Witchery but never to their respective ends. I love trying new things and I take a sense of accomplishment from starting with punching wood to working my way up to having fully automated machines, power and working on a home building. That said I am not one for handouts, my boyfriend would offer to help me out when I started fresh and I would decline because I love the raw basic beginnings of Minecraft survival, that said, beggars irk me a bit but I have the ability to ignore not to cause trouble.

    In the real world I have 3 children... 15, 11 and 1 yr old who do keep me busy. Professionally I am a Disability Support Worker and have done 3 yrs out of 4 for my Bachelor of Social Work degree which is currently all on hold due to family commitments. However I love to relax and play my favourite game Minecraft in the evenings and throughout the day when I am free.
    I often am up and down from my PC so I may miss messages or chats but I don't mean to be rude I am just busy IRL with the kids :)
    Some of my personal hobbies also include working on craft projects, doing crochet, sewing and graphic design. I also enjoy having a chat on voice communications such as TeamSpeak or Discord but am equally happy plotting along on my own and minding my own business. I look forward from hearing from the StoneBound team at your earliest convenience :)

    Warm Regards,


  • Staff

    Heyo, hope you find some quiet time here to enjoy playing with your partner.
    I added you both to our whitelist, have fun playing on the server and I'll see you in game soon ;)

  • Thank you very much! Looking forward to playing on the StoneBound server :)

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