• Just turned 30 yesterday actually :P I live in the US and have no history or bans or lying about my age. I currently work in a bakery specializing in cakes. It's fun, but I'm keeping my options open. I'm interested in arts in crafts. I'll use any media whether it be paint, clay, digital software, jewelry making, making boardgame pieces, etc. I also love to read and I have a pet cat I saved from the shelter named Nikki. She's a big 16lb forest cat.
    I got into minecraft when it first came out. Been playing it on and off since. Currently, I am looking for somewhere decent to play on my off time. My favorite mod used to be forestry and I love Pam's Harvestcraft or any of the farming/food mods. Anything that makes surviving more challenging is always fun. I also love spending hours building and using aesthetic mods like chisel, carpenter's blocks and microblocks. I'm always trying to make my own little fantasy world. I'm looking forward to learning new mods or even just diving deeper on ones I've yet to fully explore and of course, it's always more fun with other people :)

  • Staff

    Heyo! Sorry for the wait and thank you for your interest.
    Hope you have a good time here and looking forward to see some of your builds, added you to the whitelist. Welcome to Stonebound ;)

  • Thanks :) Much appreciated!

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