• Hi There,

    Sorry for flooding your subforum I managed to make a hash of my previous application -_-

    Name: Tom
    Country: England
    MC username: Tom988010
    Age: 19
    Prior Bans: None
    Prior Evidence of lying: None
    Favourite Mod: The Smeltery Mod

    Hi, Im looking to join your server because I have found myself at a loose end with a lot of a spare time and not a lot to fill it. I am currently at university Studying to become an architect. I started playing when I was a kid honestly dont know how old I was but I know I was quite young I played alot of vanilla with my school friends and found myself getting bored so I went on to play the ''Technic Launcher'' mod packs after stumbling upon the yogscast. The first mod pack I played was tekkit and slowly went through the technic packs until I got bored. I then took a break from mc after my then pc was having issue with running these packs as the mods got more and more advanced. I moved onto playing FTB when I built my current pc in 2013 where I started to play unleashed and since then I have been playing monster direwolf and skyfactory on and off on the brierie servers. Going to university has stopped me from playing due to settling into my new city and house that I am renting, however i am on my second year and have a lot more spare time and have easier access to my pc and want to get back into playing but dont want to play on community servers because of the young player base and griefing.

  • Staff

    Hey, sorry for the wait!
    I added you to the whitelist now, welcome to Stonebound and have fun on the server.

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