• Hello my name is Jose
    I am 21 years old
    Never lied about my age and never been banned before

    Can't remember the first time I played Minecraft exactly only that i used to play it with friends on the console version. I actually had a 9 hour session to morning with one friend, lost my voice and 3 sets of diamond armor to lava and creeper etc. I recently got into the java version because a classmate showed me her world in SkyFactory, and my favorite mod in that was the chickens because they literally pop out ore. Let me tell you coming from vanilla to SkyFactory was a huge jump since it showed me how efficient you can be, and building my refine storage for the first time was the best feeling ever no more checking random chest anymore. The first thing I like to do is collect every ore I can and from there start my foundation make basic armor and build my smeltery as soon as possible and branch out from there.

    I'm a college student studying computer science and let me tell you my whole department is into gaming surprising right lol. They would actually play in the middle of class. My friend was one of these people when she showed me her world. So I decided to play it as well and put in hours and hours making my one dirt block into a base to live, farm, and automate. But you can only play solo for so long before the void gets to you. So I decided to get a new modpack, Revelation, and join a server that can give me advice and vice-versa i'll help where ever I can. Well I rambled enough and if there's anything I miss ill gladly write another post and ill try not to ramble so much next time maybe lol.


  • Staff

    Heyo, thank you for your interest!
    Hope you have lots of fun exploring all the modded things, so much to explore and discover and I'm sure people will love to give advice in chat if needed. I've added you to our whitelist! Welcome to Stonebound and I'll see you on the server soon 🙂

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