SOLVED Banned for being 'inconsiderate'?

  • Banned

    IGN: evilnancyreagan

    if you're going to ban someone, at least give them a proper explanation of why and an opportunity to present their case.

    Perhaps this is all just a gross misunderstanding or perhaps this is just business as normal, I may never know. If it is the latter, I can at least thank you for saving me from investing my time and money into something so distasteful

    Please! Correct me if I am wrong because I am more than willing to share with as many people as possible what kind of unprofessional operation that would be.

  • Staff

    I wanted to contact you but you weren't on Discord, so I figured you would come here!
    So the reason being is you farming sand below spawn. Ignoring the holes you left and the pure laziness of doing so, it goes against everything we ask for. I don't want to protect spawn from our players, its a community place, we run a whitelisted community so I don't have to worry about someone ripping spawn apart.

    As for your other remarks, our permanent ban history is public and we very rarely resort to banning in general. If you think the ban is unfair, I'm happy to listen as to why you think so and I would be happy to have a reasonable explanation for your actions.

  • Banned

    oh no, I am deeply sorry. I guess my build skills are really lacking 😕

    yeah, i was farming sand at /spawn but, my intention aside from gathering resources was to contribute to the community by creating a point of interest in a public space

    I'm really sorry if I left holes but I put forth my best effort to contribute without diminishing the effort put in to /spawn . man, I am sorry I guess I am just really bad at this game :{

    it make me happy that you have taken the time to explain this to me and I am terribly upset that what I have done was grossly inconsiderate to the trust you generously afford players

    I am truly sorry, i just hope that my intentions will outshine the end result

  • Staff

    an opportunity to present their case

    glad I gave you that chance, bye

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