• age: 25
    country: united states
    any history of bans or lying about your age : none
    Hi my name is alex. just giving some backround.
    how you got into Minecraft : bought it in alpha.
    favorite mod: hard choice but its between Mekinism and Immersive engineering. favorite things to do in game or in real life, and other hobbies/interests: im an engineering student, i love making complicated systems in game. im an Air force Veteran and i enjoy competition shooting. im not much of a talker i just say what needs to be said and that is about it. i can be VERY blunt at times but i try not to be. i also try not to offend. thank you for your time

  • Staff

    Hey, thank you for your interest!
    I just added you to our whitelist, welcome to the server and happy holidays :santa:

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