• Hello my name is Andrew
    I am 28 years old
    No bans,never lied about my age

    So i stumbled upon your server looking for a FTB revelations pack that a server might be hosting, and thats how i found you guys. I like server that make people apply. I like it cause it makes people want to chat and play with each other, rather then servers with a population but no one talks to each other. it also keeps people who want to grief out and the server nice and healthy. I love thaumcraft even tho i think its not in this pack or any newer verison. thuamcraft was just a mod you had to dedicate alote of effort into even with being told the easiesst combination in geting new stuff unlock. I started moded minecraft in 1.6.4, the modpack was called monster and boy was it a fun mod pack. tempermental but still good. So some of my favorirte things are to fight in armor and blacksmith. I as many keeps when i was little wanted to be that awesome guy with the armor that saved the princess. but then i learned that what really made him so awesome in fights and killing dragons was the armor and blade he weilded and that got me thinking i bet the people who make those things for the hero/knight...ect are very well known and strong. so i practiced smithing with a simple wood burning stone outside my house on my parents property and grabed a claw hammer and hammered on soda can over a rock. my parents noticed this and then introduced me to using a clamp to do some unquie things the soda can metal, and told me about the libary and all its knowledge you can learn from it. few years go by and i am now using the correct hammers ( note silly me using a claw hammer lol) and having a real forge. i then went seeking a real blacksmith to teach me what i could not learn in book. I then found John norris, john norris was not a true and tho blacksmith but he had dabbled in it a time or two. what really made me like john was he was part of a group call the SCA. The SCA is a group of people who loved the fight of war and the clash of sword, in short they recreate medieval battles and tournaments. And when i say recreate i mean like full on combat with heavy wooden sticks, shields and armor. As you can guess i started searching the group for a teacher and even tho i didnt find one i found something better. I found a school in witch they were willing to take on newbies and teach them the craft/trade. so i trained under them for 3 years until i graduated and man can i create some pratical stuff now, like hooks,tools, and common usefull things. alas i never really got a teacher that could teach me armor or how to make a basic realiable blade but damn it was fun learning. unfortanlly i am no longer able to do such a hobby but i love finding and talkingn to people and learning from them on new automations and many other things i dont know. Well there yea have it, its probly a rambbling mess but thats me



  • Staff

    Heyo, thank you for your interest!
    Thats quite the story, so did you ever make some cool armor for yourself?
    I've added you to our whitelist, welcome to Stonebound and enjoy your time on the server.

  • @phit yea i did it was very rough around the edges but it served its purpose

  • Staff

    had their whitelisted username changed to Dumpgrah89