• Age: 22
    Country: Norway
    History of bans: I was banned from a vanilla server >5 years ago for xraying after setting up a shop made out of diamond, gold and iron blocks. The ban was lifted a few days later as I was able to prove my innocence on their forum, but the event caused me to lose interest in the server.
    History of lying about age:
    I started with tobacco at an early age, so I have a long history of lying about my age. I almost stopped after I hit 18, but I still lie about it occasionally when it is beneficial to me (when charity organisations or sellers are looking for people older than 18 for instance).
    I also inadvertently lie about my age for a few months after my birthday because I am used to telling my old age. I generally don't correct this, and I have a mental list of people that I have to continue lying to.
    How I got into Minecraft: Friends in middle school
    Favorite mod: Optifine to be honest. If we're talking mods that actually add content I'll go with Applied Energistics.
    Favorite things to do in game: Automation.
    Favorite things to do IRL:
    Programming. I've been programming since the age of 12; about 3 years professionally. I am currently taking a bachelor in it because apparently nobody takes you seriously without a degree.
    Other hobbies/interests: Competitive programming, electronics, robotics.
    Please include a minimum of five sentences: "a minimum of five sentences".

  • Staff

    Hey, thank you for your interest. I have added you to our whitelist.
    Welcome to Stonebound and happy Holidays :santa:

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