horrors - Not capitalized. lol.

  • Alright. Names horrors, a lot of people call me horros because it just so happens that the last R is easy to miss, and it always sticks without fail. You'll see. you'll miss it trying to get my attention one of these days. Bet $50. I'm 28, or 29.. (can't remember lol) I live in the US. In Tennessee to be more exact. Lived here my whole live, and it's pretty rad, man. I've never been banned, maybe once or twice back when the game first came out I can't exactly remember, but it was trivial if I did. Just assume I won't do anything stupid to get b& here ya feel me? As stated earlier I've been playing since the game came out. Like I bought it two weeks or so after it came out kinda deal. I heard about it from a buddy of mine is how I got into it initially since you asked. Favorite mod easily GregTech/IC2 since it's so incredibly difficult, and drawn out. Makes for infinite stuff to do basically which is what I enjoy out of video games. As for what I like to do in real life, I'm not really sure on your drug policy so I won't get into it too very much, but since you're asking what I like to do that's up there on the list. hehehe. I've got a group of 5 friends I hang out with on the regular, and we either chill at my place, (easily the best place lol) and play games, (They're more into CS:GO, and PUBG and such than MC) go to our spot in the woods and shoot guns, go to our bar, or go out to eat/cook for each other etc etc. It's a real bromance kinda thing. I've got a wife too, but let's be real here lifelong friends are the real deal ya feel me? JK, but only a little. My actual favorite thing to do in real life though is my job. I'm a carpenter, and I've been doing it since I was 17, workin' with my dad who's now 63, and still trucking, like a fuckin' tank man. He inspires me more than anyone I've ever met, a real REAL man. I love it, though. Being able to look up, and be like "There wasn't anything there this morning, and now there's this. I made this." Is an awesome feeling. Which thinking about it now is the actual reason I was drawn to MC in the beginning. It's along the same lines as my job, in a way. Other than that I'm a pretty simple dude. I just go with the flow, and pay the bills. Pretty happy person all around. I haven't played MC, or ultimate in a couple of years, or so, and I got back into it a few days ago. Played around on a single player world building some stuff, and then I found this server which was the only whitelisted one with few players. (I like that since the world will still ((hopefully)) be mostly intact. I used to play with this one guy who I don't really talk to anymore on our own private server, and we got up to like 3 different fusion reactors all totally automated making iridium blocks to build with. It was pretty dope. Also I haven't written about myself in some time, so this was actually kinda fun applying. Thanks for making me look inward a little bit, because I'm usually about keeping everyone else around me happy. It was a nice little change of pace what I'm trying to say.

    Long story short, I'm rad, and you should let me play here.
    -Matthew Johnson

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    Hi Matthew,
    thanks for great read! I added you to our white-list (Sorry for the wait). I agree that creating things in Minecraft feels like a limitless version of real life crafts or even carpentry. It's easier to add functionality and life to the work in-game, which then again can become very complex with additions like GregTech etc.
    Anyway, I hope you enjoy playing with our community, you can join any of our ongoing hosted Modpacks.
    See you around!

  • Dunno if you'll see this, but I've tried several times now to log into the ultimate server, and it just keeps telling me "bag login".

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  • Worked perfectly! Thank ya! Although I'd like to add that on the Twitch launcher, the settings to switch to the jar launcher are in the upper right hand corner next to your name.

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