Next Server? Direwolf20

  • Just wondering if we could get the new Direwolf20 pack as a server? It is pretty good, and I know it is also popular in the community right now.

  • If we get direwolf20 Me and my gf will play it, Ill donate for the direwolf20 pack lol

  • Staff

    Yeah, I am aware and you aren't the first people to ask about it, the problem is: We don't have the capacity right now, due to having launched Homecoming and Horizons only weeks prior to when DW20 came out. Now that some time has passed I'll see if I can make space by taking down either of them, but I have no timeline for it.

  • Although I haven't been on for over a year I am looking to come back. I think Direwolf would be a great server and it might keep people on longer. Either way, I'll probably hold out until the Direwolf server gets setup.

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