• Good day,

    I'd want to apply for membership to your servers. I'm 16 years old and yes, I've been lying about my age, for "privacy reasons", I'd prefer to keep it as secret as possible (doesn't make much sense, I've already told it...) Anyway, I'm quite mature and polite. I'm from Poland, but my English is rather good in writing and reading.
    Now about my interest in the game: I started playing Minecraft around when beta 1.8 came out, It just became a hit in school, like in many other cases. At some time I stopped, then returned and had really liked it again, this time somehow having architectural skills, interest in tech mods began and Minecraft suddenly was one of my favourite games. Now I like building, doing things with mods and just listening to Minecraft's Volume Beta. In real life I'm keen of music, architecture, IT, chemistry, books, arts... A lot of different stuff.

    So please kindly consider my application, I hope we'll have good time!

  • Staff

    Damn, so sorry totally missed this application..
    Added you to the whitelist, have fun on the server and welcome to Stonebound!

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