• Hi, my Minecraft username is hkittycat, but you can call me Heather. I'm from the United States. I am 15, but I'm applying here anyways because I have mild Autism Spectrum Disorder, and one of my symptoms is that I struggle with people my own age. I struggle to connect with people in my own grade at school, but always get along fine with my brother's college aged friends, as well as people my mom's age at concerts. I'm described as mature for my age and my mom always calls me an old soul. I've been playing Minecraft off and on for a few years, on a few servers, but mostly single player. I was banned once, because I kept accidentally leaving my dogs in public places, which is against the server's rules, but I was able to negotiate through the forum and was unbanned, though I ended up just playing single player survival after that. I enjoy exploring and building, and I like any mods that enhance those aspects of the game.

    Outside of Minecraft, I enjoy riding horses and playing tennis, although I haven't been doing either due to the cold weather. Lately I've been staying inside with my cats reading Stephen King novels and listening to records. Along with my autism comes special interests, things that I'll get super into and be able to name everything about. They come and go, but the constant for me has been classic/progressive rock. I was lucky enough to see Tom Petty in concert before he passed away, so I love his music as well as his legacy. My favorite band of all time is Rush, I have the lyrics to all their songs memorized and could tell you all about each member.

    I've never played on a modded server before and I'd love to try, so I hope you accept my application :)

  • Staff

    Hey, I'm sure you will fit in fine here then :)
    That sounds like a stupid rule, hah. Glad you got the ban cleared at least.
    I hope you enjoy your time here, added you to our whitelist! Welcome to Stonebound and I'll see you on the server.

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