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    age: 44
    country: US
    no bans

    I've been playing (and admin-ing our discord) for both modded and vanilla in a small 16+ white-listed community for almost two years. We've stood up many of the FTB packs and others (Skyfactory, Beyond, Horizons III, Direwolf20, Sprout, FoolCraft, Project Ozone, Project Ultimate Reloaded, ATMER, GangZCraft, etc.) I'm looking for a similar environment, focused on 1.10.2 or later packs, but with a few more active players. I'm primarily a builder, but also enjoy working my way through both tech and magic mods as they've been released/updated in newer mod packs (been happy digging into mods like Silent Gems, Therm Exp, Industrial Foregoing, Astral Sorcery, etc.).

  • Staff

    Hey again, added you to the whitelist. Enjoy your stay here and welcome to Stonebound!

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