• IGN: Riewest
    Age: 19
    Played: 5 years
    From: United States(WI)

    Hi, I have been playing minecraft for awhile now and specifically love modded. I've played on a few servers in the past and even hosted a couple for me and my friends. I mostly enjoy tech mods with the occasional foray into magic. I've been looking for a good server to join and I definitely feel like this is the place for me. Besides minecraft I play a lot of Rocket League both on PC and PS4 (username: Riewest14 if anyone wants to play) and really enjoy it. Outside of Gaming I am attending college for a degree in Software Engineering and am finishing up my second year and as such may have busy periods where I cant play. If there are any questions beyond this feel free to ask them.


  • Staff


    i just went ahead and whitelisted you, maybe we'll play some Rocket League together soon ;)
    Welcome to Stonebound! See ya on the server

  • Thanks :), definitely hit me up on the Rocket League

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