• Age:17
    Location: finland
    Hey! I have been playing minecraft from 2013 but I just took a year break from pc gaming and now starting to get back into it.
    I have never been banned from any minecraft server or lied about my age.
    In the past i have played lots of modpacks and I know a lot from different mods. From every modpack i have been playing i usually focus on the technology type mods.
    I usually play on whitelisted servers because I like the way everyone helps each others when someone has a problem.
    I found your server on ftbservers.com and your modpack All the mods 3 looked so interesting so I would love to join your community and get hours spent on a good looking server.

  • Staff

    Hi Kalatis,
    thanks for dropping by and applying! Are you sure your Minecraft username is 'Kalatiskinmies'?
    It doesn't appear to be listed..

  • Oh im sorry my bad i forgot that i had changed it.
    Didn’t know if you change the name it wont change the original name. But its SamZ98

  • Staff

    Sorry for the trouble, but according to Mojangs API, that name doesn't exist either? when did you change it?

    Well looks like the API is buggy, went ahead and whitelisted you now! Welcome to Stonebound and have fun on the server ;)

    your actual username is Kalatiskinpoika by the way

  • Thank you :)

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