• Age: 25
    Location: East Coast, USA
    No History of bans ( that I am aware of)

    Little about me: Been playing modded minecraft for a while now, since the early days of tekkit. I've been trying to find a server that is active with a good community around it, which would allow me to make some friends and play with some great people. I try to build things more around function then "aesthetics" (which I'm trying to learn how to do both). Would enjoy learn from others builds and helping in anyway I can.
    -Thank you
    (Trying to join the AllTheMods3 server, but wouldn't mind being about to join any that are up)

  • Staff

    Hey, thank you for your interest!
    Whitelisting is for all our current and future servers. Hope you enjoy it here, added you to the whitelist.
    Welcome to Stonebound.

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