• Ign: The_king_99
    Age: 17

    heya, I haven't really played minecraft in over a year now, I just need a stress relief from Alevels, but on the bright side everythings all new and all different. I guess I took an interest in minecraft when I was younger but really fell in love with mods since my interest in Chemistry and Physics (which I'm studying now). In addition I love programming, normally I use python but what to extend into Lua (computercraft) and such, which is the main reason I want to play feed the beast again.

    However on I side note I will only be playing casually and would only be online quite sparadically since school work is obviously a priority, and there's lots of it! So I hope that's not a complete issue, look forward to hearing your reply.


  • Staff


    yeah, we have a few people already that play casually every so often, so no problem ;)
    I just went ahead and whitelisted you, welcome to Stonebound and see you on the server soon!

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