• Hey, my names Ryan (age 17) (Current Country USA) (I have been banned once on a server called DakotaKraft about 2 years ago they thought I was hacking and banned me until I created an appeal and was shortly unbanned. I had a very laggy computer and as a result I would float and crash) I've been played Minecraft in the past for about 4 years. I got into minecraft when my cousin showed me the game when it was back in beta 1.6 (Or something like that) I've recently gotten back into it trying to find a fun modpack my only challenge now is finding a good server. My favorite modpack to date is hands down Hexxit. I would play with that same cousin that showed me Minecraft and a friend from school and I made some super fun memories. I usually roam for a while before making a house but I am never excessive with machines I am more of the adventuring type. I am not a big fan of griefing either and would much rather have a server where it's safe to build an amazing house without the worry and stress of it being destroyed. I've tried a few other All the Mods 3 servers (Non-whitelisted) and they run at very slow speeds so I absolutely understand and will respect the restraints to help keep the TPS high. If I were to get onto the whitelist I would greatly appreciate it :D

  • Staff

    Hello Ryan, thank you for your interest!
    Hope you have a good time here without too many lag issues, if there is a problem let me know through Discord or the forums.
    Added to the whitelist, welcome to Stonebound :)