• Hello,

    Minecraft Username: fuzzy99

    Age: 23

    Location: East Coast USA

    I've played Minecraft since pre-alpha and after a few years of playing modded Minecraft I ended up taking a break. Recently I've become more interested in rejoining an active modded Minecraft server in which to enjoy the game with a community of people. I find games like Minecraft to be more enjoyable when you have other people with which to play the game and share creations and ideas.

    As for myself, I'm an avid PC gamer and tend to stay within the strategy/sandbox games. I generally stick to games like Minecraft and factorio but I also play games like Diablo 3. I don't generally play games Monday thru Wednesday due to my work schedule, however, I generally start playing games on Thursday evening and play all day Friday thru Sunday.

  • Staff

    Well shit, completely forgot about your application.. sorry! Went ahead and whitelisted now. Welcome to Stonebound 🙂

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