• Minecraft username: Glytch_Kitty

    age: 30

    Current country: USA

    I have never been banned from a server for any reason. I don't believe in lying about my age, I hate lying.

    I am the girlfriend of Bon3yards.

    I have played Minecraft off and on since Alpha, my boyfriend and I each got the game, we say a youtube video, or maybe it was a gaming convention that got televised. I honestly can't recall.

    My favorite mod, I love the Pokemon mods, I adore Morph Mod. I like a few of the cooking mods such as Pam's Harvest craft, ANY MOD and I mean ANY mod that gives me way points so I don't lose my freaking house!

    I honestly like gathering materials and food items in game to support other people, It amuses me. I AM THE HUNTER!!

    IRL hobbies including writing fanfics and original works, reading an insane amount of books both physical copies and online. I love to listen to music and sing even though I am TERRIBLE at singing. I take on way to many tasks at once.

    Oh and I don't like people going through my items. I hate stealing.

    Hopefully this helps 😄

    Yours, truly Lilli aka Glytch_Kitty

  • Staff

    Hey, sorry for the extended wait!
    Enjoy playing with your boyfriend, added you to the whitelist. Welcome to Stonebound 🙂

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