• About me: I'm 17, I live in the US, I've never been banned from Minecraft or any game for that matter, and have only lied about my age to download the game "Doom" which I purchased a couple months ago on steam. I've been playing Minecraft since the one of the late alpha versions and love using modpacks like Technic, FTB, and Age of Engineering. I've been playing other video games like the Halo series, the Battlefronts (the good ones), and the Myst series. My other interests include sports like tennis and football and programming (mostly in Java and python). I'm applying to this server to play with someone I know, and he's actually the one who recommended Stonebound to me. I hope you will consider me for your server.

  • Staff

    Hey, thank you for your interest.
    I added you to the whitelist, enjoy playing with your friend and welcome to Stonebound!

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