Infinity Evolved - RFTools Dimension Deletion Requests

  • Staff

    Please request RFTools dimension deletion here!
    I need the age number or name and you have to be the person that created the Dimension.

  • Hi,

    The dimension Cats (12) needs to be deleted



  • ID 14 (Hell Itself V2) needs to be deleted please phit.


  • Not a specific request, but there seem to be a lot of "invisible" dimensions in the dialler. Last night I created a world to pump IC2 Coolant from (ID 41) and when i tried to dial it, it came up with an error and vanished from the list even though I still have the card fully powered for it. I dismantled it and added a digit so it was remade but I still can't see ID 41 on the list, and wondered how many more there are like this that need to be deleted.

    E: Made another one, same thing happened. ID 42.

    cleared up in server chat

  • 33 isn't used, 37 transceiver destroyed (thanks whoever jumped into an unpowered dimension full of ender dragons ;-; )

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