• Age : 23
    Country : United States
    Bans : None.
    Similar Games : RUST , ARK
    Account was purchased in 2008.
    Favorite Mod : Tinkers , Botania
    Favorite thing to do : ..Work at my job. Where i spend most of my day.
    Honestly im just tossing in an application to play with a few friends , Not a dick or anything and fairly down to earth. Anyway, Looking forward to getting a quick drop onto the whitelist, Thanks friend.
    Applications are terribly awkward xD

  • Staff

    your username doesn't seem to exist? did you rename yourself to "The_Purple_Wulf"?

  • I recently discovered after finally logging into minecraft for the first time in 2 years that it was renamed to _Feathered_ XD. quite sorry. Its been renamed quite a few times.

  • Staff

    So someone just renamed your account? I'm not gonna even consider you if you can't make sure your account isn't only used by you.

  • Na, it was used by a friend about a year ago xD.. His name was the purple wolf. really good friend. he just wanted to spend some time playing minecraft with his friends and hes poor. so . i allowed him to use my own account.

  • Staff

    Thank you for your interest in our server.
    Unfortunately, we do not consider users who share accounts, regardless of the reason, as it is a security issue and also a direct violation of the Minecraft terms of service.

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