• Username: Napolitana
    Age: 17
    Location: Western NY

    Hi folks, I came upon this community searching for FTB Beyond servers online—your banner on looked classy, sans flashing like the rest, so I thought I'd check it out!

    I'd taken a break from Minecraft to play altogether too many games on Steam after spending a while on the wonderful server (...not advertising, but that's also not a rule! I did check!), but I've started to miss the days of Tekkit long past... the wonder of learning that insulating copper cables stopped the inexplicable shocks plaguing my house, at which point someone promptly stole my solar panels and generator... but it's all been uphill from there! The Serenity server showed me just how well a whitelist works in keeping the server safe and enjoyable, but folks started to drift away and it got lonely, especially without mods to speed the boring bits up.

    Anyhow, haven't properly played Minecraft in near a year, Steam's been getting dull, so I opened up the FTB launcher and was pleasantly surprised to find there were several 1.10 modpacks available! Beyond caught my eye (...though it's still loading up, a bit worrisomely), and now I'm here with just a touch of Google!

    Big fan of the building bits of Minecraft, not so much the stabbing and digging parts, so I hope the modpacks you all've got here will provide plenty of reasons to stay aboveground and architect things! ...even planning pipes and wiring can be exciting if you try hard enough. Or so I recall. Right, hope ya let me in!


    (Note: Since this is a relatively new Minecraft account that I'ven't played on much, if you'd like to check up on my background with my original account, please simply send me a message for the username whenever!)

  • Staff

    Hello again,
    enjoy getting back to modded, a lot has changed over the years! Just added you to our whitelist.
    Welcome to Stonebound and I hope to see you on the server soon 😉

  • @phit Thanks! I'll be happy to be back!

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