• Hello everyone!
    I was searching for a small modded server community in which i can trust people to not grief and to be respectful while having a good time. I found this server from my girlfriend that is also whitelisted on the server and loves modded minecraft as much as I do and I would like to play along with her ( @Azazel91 ) ! Aand now about me.. My name is Samuil and I am also from Bulgaria as she is and I spent a lot of time playing minecraft together with her . We are always looking forward to meeting new people that enjoy minecraft a lot as we do ! Thank you for your time and I hope I get accepted as I will be friendly and help out those in need !

  • Staff

    Hey, thank you for your interest! Please add your age to the application and reply to this post.

  • I am 17 years old

  • Staff

    Thanks for adding that, added you to the whitelist, enjoy playing with your girlfriend 🙂
    Welcome to Stonebound!

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