• Im 16 and ive been playing ftb since the beginning of the ultimate pack. Im looking for a new server to call home and invest alot of time into. Im a generally nice person im kind to everyone and wont break any of the rules. If someone knew joins or if someone needs something i will assist them with getting started.

    IGN: Spooky_Badger

    im from kentucky and i found you guys on the feed the beast server forum.

    btw i entered in the ip address earlier and it wasnt working it said that it couldnt find the server as if it didnt exist is there a diff ip address that might work?

  • Staff


    sorry for the delay, I just went ahead and whitelisted you. Welcome to Stonebound!
    As for connection issues look at this post your ISP DNS servers don't support SRV records. See you on the server soon!

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