• My greetings to the stonebound community and staff !
    I consider myself a Minecraft veteran since i've played thousands upon thousands of hours of this great game and i never did enjoy it that much until i found the savior : THE MODS.. I would like to be a part of the community because i consider these smaller ones to be friendlier and more helpful when needed and i always try to help those in need ! I found this community while searching for a rather small server and it grabbed me instantly and the fact that there is almost no lag that makes the experience way enjoyable! I myself am 17 years old, from a small country named Bulgaria while English is not my mother language i still can speak,write and read it quite clearly and well! Oh and also my username is Azazel91 ! I would be really happy if i got accepted it would be like opening a present and getting that game that you always wanted ! Anyways thanks for your time ^^

  • Staff

    Hey, thank your for your interest!
    I added you to the whitelist, welcome to Stonebound and have fun playing 😉

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