• Hello!

    I am perhaps a unique fella on this website. I am a furry gamer at the age of 19. No, I will not be talking about that if it is frowned upon, but I wanted to mention myself for who I am. I may or may not be on frequently depending on the work load I have because of college, but the community from what I have seen so far seems something that I can get along with!

    I found this website by the AoE (Age of Engineering) Discord, and I first went there to see the Grafana monitoring chart of AoE. After I saw that, I became quickly impressed by the the statistical value of it and took quite a lot of interest in the website overall. Later, I found the achievement section of the website and that made me even more in awe of this server.

    I have a friend who loves to build, and when I saw the building contest, I wanted to get my friend on this website and also get her applied as well. Of course she will have to submit her own; maybe she will join, maybe she will not, I have no idea! Also on the topic of asking others to join this server, I went to go ask my lover if he wanted to join me.

    Oh, I know I mentioned my username above, but my IGN (In Game Name) on Minecraft is Tim_Entelechy, and the reason why I wish to be part of this server is because I want to have a fun time to play with my friends and perhaps the one I love. If all goes according to plan, we will get together and have a great time on what seems to be on a great server if we all get accepted!

  • On top of that, I have two other friends that may also join me as well. It all depends on how things go, I suppose!

  • Staff

    Heyo, sorry for the delay. We already talked on Discord, looking forward to chatting with ya some more 😉
    Anyway welcome to Stonebound, have fun on the server!

  • Great to hear it! I am looking forward to experiencing what you and the rest of the community have to offer. ^..^

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