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    IGN: IDontFWAny1
    Discord: IDontFWAny1#5297

    About me: Hi! I'm a pretty chill dude, 20 years old. I found this server when I was browsing through Google for an AoE server, and thought I'd give applying to the server a shot! I currently live in the USA, and start college this fall for Software Engineering. I used to play Minecraft a lot in my younger years, and recently wanted to get back to it after a couple years of hiatus and try a new ModPack. I enjoy meeting new people, getting sick gainz, and all around just hanging out. I'd say I'd be a pretty good addition to this server because I'm friendly and helpful where I can be. Looking for a server with good community, without drama and annoyance (i.e. spam, begging, etc.) Hope to join everyone in the game!


  • Staff

    Hey, thank you for your interest!
    Have fun getting back into playing, I added you to our whitelist. Welcome to Stonebound 🙂

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    @phit thank you!

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