• Ingame name: Bon3yards
    Discord: Boneyards#8948
    Age: 28

    I've been playing minecraft since alpha, but I haven't really played any vanilla since beta. My first modpacks were all on the technic launcher. I tend to keep to myself and am on at random times due to not having a regulated work schedule. I will definitely socialize if the opportunity arises, I just dont really see a reason to play a modpack all by myself. Minecraft is meant to be played with other people in my opinion....or at least the world feels more alive that way.

    I'm rambling at this point. What matters though is I am a chill guy wanting to get back into modded minecraft! (Took about a year hiatus and haven't really gotten a chance to play much 1.10 yet)

  • Staff

    Whitelisted on Discord, welcome 🙂

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