• Hi, I'm Sylfe161. I'm 20 years old. I started playing Minecraft in high school, where I played on a server with some classmates. I enjoyed playing as well as being part of that community. In general, I think playing Minecraft with other people is usually more enjoyable. Though I stopped playing once I got into college, this past year I started playing again.

    A few days ago, my friend comarn messaged me and told me about this server. He seemed excited and I'm looking forward to being able to play with him. I'm interested in learning more about the mods that are being used, and from what I can see, the people here look nice, which is always a plus.

    Thank you for your consideration. ^-^

  • Staff

    Hey, sorry for the delay. Totally forgot to reply to you!
    Just added you to the whitelist have fun playing with your friend 😉

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