Failed to login : Bad login

  • Hello I got accepted a few days ago and i've been trying to connect to the server. Whenever I try to connect i get a message saying "Failed to connect: Bad login" I would like some help with this :)

  • Staff

    I assume this is for FTB Ultimate? If you are using Curse/Twitch you have to go into the settings and enable Jar Launcher in the Minecraft section. The new launcher doesn't work for older Minecraft versions.

    1. In Curse, click the Settings icon to the lower left
    2. In Settings go to 'Minecraft'
    3. In the Minecraft settings go to 'LAUNCH METHOD'
    4. Select 'Jar Launcher'
    5. Restart Curse

    Another alternative is to install ReAuth.

  • Thank you I ran into a small problem "Could not create the Java Virtual Machine." Which i easily solved by changing the xmx in the minecraft config!