• Hello,
    I found you guys on the FTB forums and felt like joining because I'm not really part of anything atm.
    I'm 17 years old and I live in Belgium but I grew up in The Netherlands ;3
    I'm someone with a Thaumcraft addiction, so I'm more of a magic person.
    Not sure what else to tell so you can just ask if you need to know more ;P

    -Deadly_Dull (Ign)

  • Staff

    Why do you think you are a good fit for the server and why should we accept you?

  • Not sure what there is to say,
    I've never been banned, never cursed at someone on minecraft and I'm pretty active.
    But there's nothing special about me, I'm not a genius who knows everything about minecraft and I'm not extremely social.

    It's your choice if you want me or not, I want to be part of a community but it doesn't necessarily need to be this one, because I don't know people around here.
    That's all I can say I think.


  • Staff

    No worries just wanted to know a bit more about you ;) I went ahead and whitelisted you, welcome to Stonebound!
    I hope you will enjoy playing on our server, talk to you soon.

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