• Howdy,

    Im Steve, 22 y/o, my account name is skgmarkham and I have a good friend (BoxBotz) who found you guys and suggested I check it out. I havent played minecraft frequently for a while, mostly for lack of a community I enjoy playing with. I have experience successfully owning/configuring/running modded minecraft servers and crafting several custom modpacks; sadly I didnt have time to continue these things while at university where I studied engineering. I play games for the depth I can go to into building, tinkering, and problem solving, not for running amok killing people and stealing their things, so I think I match the kind of community you all are building here.

    Thanks for your consideration 😄

  • Staff

    Hey, thank you for your interest!
    I added you to the whitelist, welcome to Stonebound and have fun playing with your friend 😉

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