• hello! my name is André i'm 27 years old from Norway. im a father and a gamer at heart. been enjoying minecraft since beta on and off over the years. im one of those who can't favourite either minecraft or wurm as they are both perfect in their own way 😛 the reason im applying for this server is simple. scanning through ftb serverlist and picking the highest ranked servers has given me nothing but pain. immature comunites where griefing and trolling is the number one activity while being toxic is the second. that is a recipe for disaster. i have allways enjoyed playing on whitelisted servers in any game i dive into. its a more relaxed and friendly enviroment. looks like you have put alot of effort into this aswell as time. a comunity from 2014 still going is exiting!

  • Staff

    Hey, thank you for your interest.
    Sounds like you found the right server, if you run into any of that behavior here let me know and I'll make sure it doesn't happen again 😉
    Hope you have a good time here, I added you to the whitelist.
    And welcome to Stonebound!

    Oh interesting name history btw, amused that your old name is now on the blocklist for Minecraft usernames.

  • @phit thank you! yeah i have yet to get a respons from mojang regarding that. have written 3 complaints about it. it happend after my account got hacked. so not really sure what happend there as mojang allso don't get mixed up in namings. they have stated that it is up to the comunity to regulate itself, and no servers nor players have ever complained . inapropriate names require a namechange to be able to join most servers i have played on. but its no problem really. we adapt ^^

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    Interesting, according to this the name is blocked so noone else can take it, just like other blocked names. So they definitely get involved with name regulations, shame they never informed you about it.

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