Maze Battle Winners!

  • Staff

    After an intense event, here are the standings from the February 6 Maze Battle:

    The winners are:

    1st — themonstaman
    2nd — L0NExW0LF
    3rd — CoolTeen123456


    Tsaygara vs themonstaman — themonstaman wins 2:1

    CoolTeen123456 vs L0NExW0LF — L0NExW0LF wins 2:1

    CoolTeen123456 vs Tsaygara — CoolTeen123456 wins 2:0

    themonstaman vs L0NExW0LF — themonstaman wins 2:0

    Thank you to everyone who participated, as well as those that joined in to spectate.
    We look forward to hosting more contests in the future.

    As a reminder, if you are interested in hosting your own event, feel free to contact the Staff.

  • o my guchi

  • i could not be there, i demand that we redo it next saturday, same time

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